AFM: Inline HTML support

Attachments+ for Mail v2.0-4 adds yet another useful feature to the stock Mail app: inline HTML. Choose a file ending in “.HTML” (all caps, no quotes) in the file picker, and its contents will be parsed as HTML and pasted into the body of your email at the insertion point. No more having to copy and paste rich text signatures from other emails—just save them as .HTML files, and they will always be a tap away with Attachments+.


PO8: Limited Access

In Photo Organizer 8 v1.1, we introduced a new feature called “Limited Access” that allows users to mark albums as private (by naming them beginning with a space) and hide them with a simple gesture: by tapping and holding the bottom tab bar. In v1.2, we have taken steps to achieve better stability and integration of this feature within the stock Photos app.

We are now proud to announce the official release of v1.3, which adds TouchID/passcode support to Limited Access mode and makes other miscellaneous improvements to this powerful feature. In particular, Limited Access no longer modifies the default Photos interface, so it may now even be difficult to tell if it is enabled in the first place.

SDE: Conclusion

After several years of development, we have finally decided to discontinue support for Safari Download Enabler, as it has become increasingly difficult for us to maintain as a free product. However, instead of recreating this package for iOS 8 as a paid upgrade, we are now honoring our promise to the community by releasing the entire source code of SDE on BitBucket. We would like to thank everyone who helped us with translations and testing, and we invite all interested developers to continue the legacy in the years to come.

PO8: Submitted

We have completed beta testing and have submitted the final version of Photo Organizer 8, which should be available in the BigBoss repo in the next few days. Thanks to our testers for helping us work out bugs and suggesting improvements, and thanks to everyone for being patient as we worked on this incredible update.

Nested folders in the iOS 8 Photos app

Apple surprised us with this hidden (and seemingly undocumented) feature of the stock iOS 8 Photos app: tap and hold the (+) button to create a folder instead of an album. Folders can contain other folders and albums, but they cannot directly contain photos or videos. Happy organizing!

PO8: New hack discovered

Previously, we learned that Apple has reimplemented the Camera Roll in iOS 8 as a virtual album, much like the “Photos” or “Videos” albums in iOS 7. Unlike a normal album, which the user manually populates and edits, a virtual album is auto-populated with items from the Photo Library that match a hardcoded filter. The unfortunate consequence is that the new Camera Roll cannot accommodate user modifications—that is, even at the programmatic level, items may no longer be added, removed, or exchanged. Our previous efforts were primarily targeted toward finding viable workarounds, with limited success.

However, we have just discovered a hack that appears to “unlock” the iOS 7 Camera Roll, re-enabling user customization. Although this is exciting and reopens the door of possibilities, we must first test whether side effects exist before building upon it and bringing back familiar functionality. Moreover, Apple may indeed decide to remove this hidden block of code altogether in a future version of iOS, rendering the hack obsolete.

P.S. In case anyone is wondering why all this is taking so long, the bulk of the work is meticulously picking apart Apple’s code to determine exactly what to modify to achieve the best tweak integration. The above is a good example of how careful reverse engineering can make a substantial difference in the quality of the final product.

Photo Organizer 7 for iOS 8?

Despite that the Photos app in iOS 8 looks and feels much the same as in iOS 7, Apple has made significant changes to the codebase that will require much more work to decipher than originally anticipated. It is likely that most of the code will have to be rewritten and perhaps repackaged as a separate tweak. Unfortunately, this means that it may be a while before a fully functional compatibility update is available.